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LAC Construction Services

We are an innovative construction company.

We are professionals with all the various skills needed, from the simple trade that gives to your project a spectacular touch, to the engineering expertise that make it possible

Licenced contractors, experts, but most of all, people with service and quality as the norm. 

by Wendy Marlow

Classical House

by Sarah Albertson

Modern House

by Robert Ramirez



Work to Live

Undoubtedly life is our greatest project, constructed through life values that translates to the high quality way of doing what we do.

Make It Better

We have learned that perfection is only perfection when it can still be perfected. Sounds redundant, but life has proved the above.

Quality Over Quantity

When you love what you do, you do it better as a natural result, flowing ideas that enlighten what was already bright.

Pixel Perfect

You can bring your project to life in a way that not only you, but all spectators can truly be at awe. Beauty  will not only be in the eye of the beholder.

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Phone: 703 883-75-48